Wher I'm From

June 3, 2008
By Melissa Marmaduke, Akron, OH

Where I’m From
With thanks to George Ella Lyons

I am from Lunchables,
From The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast.
I am from my grandmother’s lilac bush,
And Magnolia tree
Whose limbs we caused to break.
I am from grandmother’s pillowed paddle
And “go fetch me a switch.”
I am from 3 wheelers
And races down the giant hill.

I’m from catching frogs at Kim Tam
And swim lessons at the YWCA.
I’m from pointed toes and perfect posture
From ballet, jazz, tap, gymnastics,
And hour long dance classes.
I’m from Camp Y’ Noah,
Dust and horses,
And long trail rides in the woods.

I’m from Spice Girls and N’Sync,
From Wannabe and Bye Bye Bye.
I’m from Harry Potter,
The forbidden book.
I am from never ending sickness,
From Neuroblastoma and MS,
From never ending hospital visits,
And cancer survivor picnics.
I am from “it’s going to be okay”
And “you’ve got to be brave.”
I am from Ocean Isle Beach,
And the relaxation you find there.

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