A single Tear

December 5, 2010
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I awaken yet again from another restless sleep, only to hear the sound of the wind rattling my frosty window, I gently push aside the curtain, and slide the frozen latch, to look beyond anything of that myself, which was the winter beauty as it was that brilliant night..

But something familiar came upon me, I had somehow recognized that night. I closed my eyes and took in a long breath of chilled air, and I looked up into the moonlight to feel the snowflakes melt to the touch of my warm skin, and watch them gift that night with more beauty than oneself could ever compare.

I looked down, to see two young girls, they’re faces gleaming with reflections of shimmering white, they trotted through the snow casually, laughing, and talking and that’s when somewhere deep in my heart, whoever I was, knew somehow that those two were best friends, yet how had I known this..? I looked down and watched as one of the girls suddenly looked up, I guessed it was at the stars, and I watched as a single tear streamed down her marble face. And that’s when I saw sadness in her eyes, with an edge of dismay, it was a strong sorrow I recognized.. then I knew that girl was me. and that’s when my heart was struck with a hammering epiphany, then I knew why she was crying, she wasn’t sure of what was coming. I had to tell her what lay ahead! I knew it was bad, she needed to know! I yelled for her frantically, but she acted as if I wasn’t even there, nothing changed, they were walking farther away, I needed to tell her! I cried out with every bit of strength in me, but they turned the corner and disappeared beyond the darkness I could no longer see… I let go of all life in me, and fell towards the ground..

I woke up startled, in a different place... unhurt and overheated, I reached my hand up hesitantly to open the curtain, I closed my eyes for a moment, but when I opened them I was shocked by the only scene which lay ahead, which was the dry winter desert, dark and surrounded by tar everywhere, I put my hands to my face in remorse. I felt nothing but that of a single tear of the life I left behind.…

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steffay225 said...
Jan. 7, 2011 at 9:14 pm
Katera i love you this is great i do look at stuff and keep track of what you du <3
Katera replied...
Jan. 8, 2011 at 1:24 am
steffanne????? oh my god! i love you <3 thanks best friend. 
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