Gun Control

November 30, 2010
By Jose Ruiz BRONZE, Highland Park, New Jersey
Jose Ruiz BRONZE, Highland Park, New Jersey
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Did you know that people in your neighborhood carry guns? We all believe that guns are a part of urban cities and the “projects”, but they are right in your backyard. Guns and those who carry them are a danger to society. Some are gang members causing pains, suffering, and death.

PAIN: I'm sure as the hot metal enters the body tearing through your flesh, there is pain. As the doctors spend hours removing bullets from your organs, there is pain. If you are lucky enough to survive the gunshot and surgery then there comes recovery and with that there is pain. And for those not so lucky, those who loose their life, the family and friends are left with the pain.

GANGS: Small and large groups of bullies create gangs. Some well had known, some hiding in the shadows. The most heard of gangs are the Bloods and Crips. Half the members having no clue as to what they stand for, or fighting for, or what they are looking for in this 'Brotherhood' they have entered, and before they could figure it out, their life has been cut short. The next thug pulled his out first, got you for wearing the wrong colors or hanging with the wrong crowd.

DEATH: sixty-five percent of the deaths in this country are cause by gun fire, accidental or purposely. Regardless of how they were shot to their death, there is no turning back. Once you’re dead your dead. This could be your mother, your sister, your father, your brother, your friend, or you. That’s what we don't realize is that just by owning a gun we are adding to this horrible statistic. For example: there was a nineteen year old man who was shot at the Shore, on Bennett Ave. He was just walking and minding his own business. All too often these are the statistics.

In conclusion, these are my reasons why you shouldn’t have a gun and keep it a secret for or from anyone. Remember you don’t want to kill or hurt someone you love. So stay away from guns.

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