A Lost Love

June 3, 2008
By CJ Dupras, Roxboro, ZZ

“Before I met you, I was a lost soul.
A stupid man with a heart of coal.
A had no values, not a dream, not a hope
And my life was going down an unsteady slope.
Then you came along and my eyes opened wide,
And I knew from that day on, I would need you by my side.
I loved you with a love so deep and true,
A love much stronger than a stick of bamboo.
I would have travelled the world one step at a time,
And for you, I would commit any sort of crime.
But then you left me, for some other guy,
And in that moment, my heart did die.
I would like you to know that my heart belongs to you
No mater if the sky is grey, red or blue
I would like you to know that
I love you.”

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