December 17, 2010
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some one once said to me in a dream
dont follow me im lost to
and when i looked into there eyes my heart broke into to two
all because i knew i was looking at you

i watched you break
i watch you fall
i watch it all

you watched me steel unknowing i was steel following in your foot steps
i was breaking
i was falling and no one was trying to catch me

i felt alone
and ashamed

i was nothing to myself
i knew what you felt
i knew how it was to walk alone in every ones shadows

lost in the darkness of the shadow of the moon
lost and consumed
i was soon to be doomed

i was sneaking into my early grave that i was making for myself
and i was confused
i was mental abused

i was losing myself
i was lost
i was gone
i couldnt go on
i am gone

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