June 3, 2008
Rushes through the river,
It’s path followed by the eagle.
It cascades over the waterfall,
Crashing at my feet.
Rain patters on my rooftop,
Dancing to the tune of Freedom.
Salty ocean waves slap against my face,
In time with the same rhythm as the wind.

Chlorine filled, it bellows into the air,
As I splash into the pool.
It cleanses my hands,
Before it twirls lazily down the drain.
Swaying to and fro,
It moves the canoe silently along.
Gently, it falls upon my head,
Rinsing fragranced shampoo out of my hair.

The fish swim within.
The toad croaks beside.
It sparkles and it glistens,
Filled with magic mysterious.
Never-ending, always flowing,
It sings.
It sings the song of hope.
It sings the song of peace.
And it sings the song of eternity.

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