June 3, 2008
beautiful boy with hair so white
who slinks around and stalks the night
who's eyes are golden like the sun
i should be afraid, i should want to run
but something holds me there, right there
maybe it's those eyes, that relentless stare
my eyes are glued to his flawless face
my heart is pounding like im running a race
with teeth so sharp they draw a stream of blood
and your feet are still like they're stuck in mud
he reaches out and takes my hand
i gasp for breath, i grasp for land
my body's swaying left and right
my lips are pressed together tight
i meet his stare with one of my own
he bends his head and his lips meet me throat
his teeth pierce my skin and the blood starts to flow
my knees bend, and i start to fall low
my vision blurs, my breathing slows
i listen hard, i hear him moan
my heart is slowing, i hear it stop
i hit the floor with a deathly loud plop
he wipes his mouth and gives a toothy grin
i open my eyes, i lift my chin
he stares at me with those piercing eyes
i dare to ask," how am i still alive?"
he stares me down, his eyes a glint
my eyes glaze over with a glossy gold tint
i finally get what has happened to me
i'm dead i'm dead, he's set me free

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