Roar Up Above

November 28, 2010
By jeesa614 BRONZE, LIlburn, Georgia
jeesa614 BRONZE, LIlburn, Georgia
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The Moon perched upon its royal throne
-the majesty of the dark skies.
The Sun spreading its rays to all
-the queen of all light lies.

Fiery of all, the Sun heated up Moon,
“Everything is better with my light.
Human eyes flicker and say when I'm gone,
Darkness only gives a fright!”

Moon shouted with rage to Sun,
“Your light . . . a disgrace to all!
Blinding the people against their will
Night calms their call.”

Sun blasted going red to the Moon,
“That is not right, liar!
Not a bird sleeps when I'm up above,
'Cause I'm a beauty to desire.”

“Always sparkling more than stars

I'm the beauty in the midst,
of the pitch-black night sky.
'Cause I'm the sky glitz.”

“Least I'm helpful to all beings.
My light helps plants make food.
Animals and humans can't breathe without me,
The Sun, the biggest star that could.”

Moon looked ready to tear Sun apart.
“Where would they live without me?
I control the waters and everything around it.
Me, the Moon, the dominator of the sea.”

Little Mary cried with a tear,
“Listen, a day needs all.
When you fight . . . the sky is empty,
Don't let the sky fall.”

“The whole city is going gray!
People can't recognize a thing!
Animals and plants are perishing on Earth!
And voices are exhausted to sing!”

The Sun and the Moon raced to help.
“I'll let my light shine!” Sun fled.
“I'll raise and lower waters!” Moon wailed.
All life was tucked in bed.

The surrounding planets and stars celebrated,
“Cheers to the Sun and Moon!
Finally, united in their work for life!
The beauties that make you swoon.”

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