June 3, 2008
By John McRae, Corvallis, OR

You have maimed a generation,
The children you have raised.
The generation you have shown how to live,
And how to kill.

You have shown us how to destroy our planet,
Destroy our neighbors.
You blame us for being violent at school,
While you blow up schools abroad.

Why blame us when you are the problem?
Baby boomers is a fitting name,
For those responsible for so many explosions.
Death was your graduation gift to us.

You send us to wars,
That you have grown too old to fight.
We will be fighting forever,
You just decide where.

It doesn’t matter that Private Nobody
Will never see his parents,
Or that Corporal Something-or-Other,
Gave an arm and a leg.

World police is a term coined for our nation,
By your generation,
For your generation.
Too bad you can’t keep it to yourself.

We have been labeled,
Killers, murderers, invaders.
You don’t care,
Because you have to save face.

You keep on pushing,
For more money, more guns.
You press forward,
When the nation presses back.

Your pride is killing our nation,
You mentality is askew.
Pride over life,
Politics over heroes.

We run away,
Your cloud of death.
Hanging over our shoulder.
Drawing ever closer.

We move on into your world,
Now our world, the one you ruined.
We never had a chance to object,
To raise our voices to stop the madness.

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