Invisible Kevlar

June 3, 2008
i am who i am because of who you are to me
we, you and i are connected by enigmatic energy, this radiant radiation
tethered to one another by the insecurities we all share.
i believe in the connection, i believe in us.

we speak a universal language, you and i
i can look you in the eye, and say so much more then these words will ever let me.
we all hide behind these perfect lies
put up these painted walls and claim they stand to protect us
when really we can’t stand someone else seeing inside of us
seeing everything that’s wrong with us, seeing our humanity

i may be put together, i be seem shattered
but never am i only one.
do you know the true cracks in my walls?
the footholds to climb, to see what i see?
isn’t it ironic that the people i find most beautiful
build their shields out of invisible kevlar

in the dense fog stand golden gateways

but in the middle still lies alcatrez

a shining rock, example of our biggest mistakes

we made a bay of banishment

we forgot the connection
we forgot to love…

i want to remember you now,
imprint you on my soul
because your spirit
helps me

your spirit helps me remember who i am

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