Time Heals

November 27, 2010
By DarcX BRONZE, Destrehan, Louisiana
DarcX BRONZE, Destrehan, Louisiana
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On top these mountains,
All I can see
Are the lies and pain
You've inflicted on me.

On top of the hills
That tower above,
I see nothing but reason
To lose all your trust

And beneath the surface,
I look up to the sky.
All these clouds of hope you've made,
They're nothing but lies.

And now what all I have seen is true,
I sit here and wonder, "What have I done to you?"

I loved you and cared for you,
But it all went down the drain,
Because twisted thoughts
Had entered your brain.

And now I am a victim.
A victim of pure hate.
And by the time I realized,
It was all too late.

It was time that saved me.
Time that built the mountains and the hills,
And destroyed those clouds
That hindered my will.

It's a good thing time came quick.
An opportunity, it gave.
Because if it waited any longer,
There'd be no life to save.

The author's comments:
Time is the most effective super hero out there.

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