Apathetic Survival

June 3, 2008
By Matt Hersha, Columbus, OH

We wear blue jeans and cargo pants,
We pull waistbands down to our knees.
We dye our hair to make a statement,
And we have little regard for aged approval.

We play our music loud to drown out our problems,
We like our music edgy to kill our fears.
We sing along though we have no voice,
And we do not care for outside opinions.

We go to war and fight the misunderstood,
We fight for peace with an ignorant premise.
We strive to do good, but do not know what good is,
And we detest guidance from experience.

We see others on street corners, asking for spare change,
We disregard problems that are not our own.
We feel sorrow and sympathy, never empathy,
And we reject Godly pleas to do the right thing.

We see disease in its many forms,
We believe it is wrong but cannot be stopped.
We fear carcinogenic repercussions for our actions,
But we reject warnings to think before we act.

We put on a face, an attitude, and a personality,
We live with it throughout the day.
We practice an apathetic survival,
To shield ourselves from who we really are.

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