My Fortress

June 3, 2008
By Caitlyn Buttigieg, Massapequa, NY

Have you ever been to a place where your imagination runs free?
A place with endless possibilities,
A place of wonder and of hope,
A place filled with color, and sounds,
Sounds inaudible to the human ear.
These sounds come from within you,
As you travel within this place.
This is a place where you can just relax and think,
Always wondering, what am I doing here?
What is my purpose?
Why did someone put me on this planet?
Oh, I wish that I could know.

A bare void of empty space,
And from within the darkness you lay,
Just lay there thinking.
Nobody surrounds you,
And the world stands still,
As you lurk within this place,
A single figure walking alone.

Some people may become trapped,
Trapped within this cycle of nothingness,
No way to get out,
No one to talk to,
But with me,
That’s not the case.
I use this place as my fortress,
A place of solitude and serenity,
A place where I can just be myself,
With no one to tell me otherwise.
I shut out the hurt,
The sorrow, the pain, and sadness that the world brings,
And just reflect upon myself.
Perfect silence.
Perfect peace.
Oh, I wish that this place was everywhere,
And yet it is.

This place, a barricade against the world,
But sometimes, this barricade breaks.
The once vast empty space becomes cluttered,
Cluttered with thoughts, ideas, prayers,
So cluttered that you are suffocating within it.
Can’t breathe, can’t get out.
This is when you have to think,
Think about what is important in life,
What is important to you,
And once you find these values,
The clutter starts to fall away.
Fall away into the abyss of forgetfulness,
The attic of no care,
Never again to penetrate your fortress,
As long as your values stand tough and true to your heart.

Where is this place of wonder and dreams?
I think we all know where it lies,
It lies within all of us,
Always trying to break free.
What is this place?
It is your mind.

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