The Tree of Life

June 3, 2008
By Caitlyn Buttigieg, Massapequa, NY

Through the window of my mind,
I see a darkened place,
Filled with despair and filled with sadness,
A land filled with disgrace.

All hope has gone and left us,
For it fell from the tree of our life,
Fallen russet to the ground,
How will we ever survive?

Our leaves once green and luscious,
Once whole and damp and pure,
Now brittle and desiccate in essence,
Hurt by the troubles that it endures.

Pushed to the limit of our capacity,
Stretched until we bare thin,
Swirling around in the tornado of life,
Plucked off our branches by these strong winds.

Gravity is bearing down upon us,
Pushing us down so it’s hard to breath,
Filled with all the pressures of what life possesses,
Why can’t we just get up and leave?

Leave to a place where this pressure is nonexistent,
Float until our minds go free,
A place to let our minds just wander,
A place unbound by gravity.

This place allows us to rebuild,
To rejuvenate and restore,
Allow us to start this process over again,
To begin from the very core.

Work out from the inside,
Grow in view one by one,
We won’t stop rebuilding what we must create,
Won’t stop until we are done.

The product will be breath-taking,
Unique but yet the same,
It’s not as it was before we fell,
But for that there is no one to blame.

Our outsides are lovely once more,
But what’s important is what’s inside,
Taking out and showing to the world,
What we were so desperately trying to hide.

But look at us now,
Our lush color has returned,
A task that took a while to obtain again,
But we know is rightfully earned.

So yes, we’ve once had leaves fall to the ground,
Shaking the quintessence of our very soul,
Ruining the beauty of what once was,
Striking our beings with a remorseless toll.

But our tree of life,
Once struck by a blow,
Again is budding,
And is ready to grow.

The leaves will come again,
And the rains will soon pour,
So these leaves can fill up,
And strengthen once more.

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