My Wish Is For You

June 3, 2008
The way you talk is oh so sweet
They way you smile
Makes me laugh
Because my wish
Is for your love
As long as I live

You make me want to live
My life as sweet
As the way you love
You make me want to smile
Every time I watch you wish
Every time I watch you laugh

When we laugh
I know we will live
Long like in every wish
You make life sweet
You make everybody smile
And with you, everybody falls in love

I know you are my true love
The way you laugh
The way you smile
I want to live
The rest of my life sweet
To be with you is my number one wish

On every eyelash I wish
I wish for you, love
To see how sweet
I can laugh
So we can live
Together, this thought makes me smile

When I’m around you I smile
Because I have this wish
With you I want my life to live
Because you are my one and only love
I love how you can make me laugh
And how you’re always really sweet

With you I want to live, only with you my love
I want to be wish to be with you, because you’re so sweet
I love how you make me smile and can easily make me laugh

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