June 3, 2008
I don't love you.
You are too young for me.
It is not meant to be.
It would never work out.
It's just a phase,
it'll pass in coming days.
I don't love you.

I might love you.
It's easy to say when
you look at me that way.
When I am reminded of everything
and the memories are there
and I experience your care.
I might love you.

I don't love you.
You are mature,
yet I am years ahead.
I could ruin you.
I am no good for you.
You could love her instead.
I don't love you.

I could love you.
If you loved me.

I've been hurt before
and will suffer no more.
I don't love you.

My mind paces -
in never-ending circles.
There is a lump in my throat.
There is a feeling that I know -
that I must make face denial.

I don't love you...

But, I do.

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