Where I'm From

June 3, 2008
Where I’m From

I am from raw fish and rice,
Salty sea weed that tingles my lips
I am from neurosis and obsessive compulsive disorder
Knick knack ticking and ticking knick knacks

I am from “stay on your toes”
And “spare the rod spoil the child”

I am from flat soccer balls and basketballs
Spoiled every Saturday by strength’s petty cash.
I am from a big brawly white truck that could fit in my pocket.
I’m from Christmas everyday
A big green sage tree in the front yard,
And from super soakers and beehives,
Those battles that tendered and plumped my skin.
I am from victories.

I am from flesh and blood,
Crackers and juice,
And fractured polychromic glass.

I’m from Ellis Island,
Hot and humid spaghetti and meatballs,
I am from blood-red sauce.

I am from two parents,
One would care to differ.
The other got off easy.
I am from the torn painting in the hallway,
From in my room where those nights of fighting went on forever.

I am from dinner with the villain
And from watching him pack for motel 6.
I am from “is motel 6 really more comfortable?”

I am from cigarettes in the bread-machine,
And dollar bills held together by tape.
From friends and families’ pity food and groceries.
I am from child-support money in casinos.

I am from baseball bats and kitchen knives
From jackpots and pear orchids.
From nausea and thick smelling ripe fruit.

I am from the lowest of lows
And the highest of highs.
I am from bouncing back.

I am from a grandfather more of a father than my father himself.
I am from the fading of him,
And from Andrea Brochelli at the funeral.

I am from “we can’t afford this”
And from paying for it anyway.

I am from every day’s memories
Never to relive them
I’m from moist brows and weakness.
(God forbid I am ever strong)

I am From Sand!
I am from Shortness of Breath!
I am from Ocean!
I am from man!
I am from grace!
I am from deep, blatant love!
Every nauseating holiday!
And the plastic smile worn by all the ignorant people!

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