The girl, the girl

June 3, 2008








Outspoken with real friends, conservitive with associates, popular
anywhere but the real world, anti-social deep inside.

The girl sits desolated.

Lost in her imagination, powerless against all but challenges, deep into her music, empowered by rock n roll.

She waits and waits in her abandoned state.

A jealous soul secretly untold her wrongs. Mystery darkens her, the truth enlightens her. She is dark and empowered.

The girl, the girl lets her story unfold.

Outspoken in her own world. Lost in her own words. The girl, the girl.

Popular but conservitive in her state of mind. The girl, the girl, knows not what's devine.

She looks around, the girl, the girl, to see what is left in the world, the world.

Anti-social, but mobile. She looks at herself in the mirror.Tired of the daunting eyes that watch her every move. The girl, the girl is in her own world.

Desolation and confrontation full in her life.

Do you not still see? I am the girl, the girl, that used to be.

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