I'am from

June 3, 2008
I’ am from Akron a city built of rubber, the Goodyear blimp
Always flying in the sky. I’ am from a big house next to Ellet
High School where speeding cars fly by. From neighbors with a
Leaf blower always in hand.

I’ am from a mixed ethnic neighborhood with many different characters.
I’ am from driving thirty seconds to school, and occasionally missing a day of school.

I’ am from modernized appliances that never fail, to high costs in gas
And expensive foods.

I’ am from dawn soap with disinfecting power, to the ice cream man
With two dollar ice cream treats for all the children. I’ am from a neighborhood
Full of nice people, who are always willing to give a helping hand. I’ am from
Long summer games of basketball and videogames, and late night movies.

I’ am from parents who let me be myself and teach me important
Life lessons to help me along.

I’ am from cell phones that can reach all across the globe, to
High definition TV’s that make you feel like you are there.

I’ am from fishing outside with my dad, to beef jerky as our snack of
Choice, and Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa's house just down the street.

I’ am from spending Friday's at my friends playing video games,
To walking to school a mere three hundred feet away.

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