Betrayal of imagination

June 3, 2008
By Aurelia Schrantz, Osceola, WI

I imagined you here once
in my soul,
where paper thin resolve
could finally break
and I could finally say
how it feels
when you smile at me.
But you took one step toward me
and the tear drop that fell
from my frightened eye
shattered the glass
of my mirror full of falsities,
because being held wasn't safe
and truth hurt.
I cringed as my facade
lied strewn across the floor
and you staired at it
with your beautiful head cocked
and no words left the lips
I once wished
would kiss me for eternity.
Suddenly, what I wanted to give to you
felt like an invasion
which would end
with me naked and afraid.
The paint on the wall peeled back,
and they, too, betrayed me.
Every thought and whim
of my being
was written on those walls.
You didn't know I liked to write.
Choking on emberassment,
riddled with fear,
I came to,
and saw those indigo eyes
stairing into mine,
and instead of saying "I love you",
I smiled and kept walking.

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