Tiny Little Coffin

June 3, 2008
Tiny little coffin
So finely carved and honed
Lifted high on shoulders
Carried on by love
The morning sun
Begins to rise
To shed some light on darkened tears
Birds are silent, insects mute
Wind still out of deference

Mourners cry
With noiseless tears
Creating rifts on countless faces
Steam rises off roads
Golden beams of light
Seeping through the mood

And you can almost hear the music
And you can almost see that face
And you can almost feel his arms
Wrapped around your waist
But they aren’t there.

It is the saddest thing
To see such a tiny little coffin
Holding such a tiny little frame
For such a tiny little body
Had such a great and tender soul
And such a tiny little body
Housed such an open, joyful mind
And such a tiny little body
Protected such a free and loving spirit
And such a tiny little body
Will never walk again.

For while his hands are limp
His face is cold and pale
His memory will never fade
His golden smile will forever warm our hearts
His spirit will live on
For he is undiminished

For while his eyes are eternally closed
He will always be watching over us
No longer so tiny, no longer so frail
Forever in a heavenly embrace

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