Through A Poetic Voice These Soldiers Speak

December 3, 2010
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As he stood his warrior ground
On the foreign land he heard a sound
Wild heart beats with painful sobs
Of almighty men who’ve felt it all
The wicked and pure blood against them appall
The frozen bodies of men that fall

Who could ever understand?
The everlasting scars in their eyes
And the moments they had hoped for God to help their lives
All hopeless when they realized the shuddery lies
When they stood and rapidly died

They’ve killed
They’ve bled
They’ve shed
For their mother and country land
Nothing was planned as they shot their rifle in their shaking hand

Their wide eyes search unconsciously
For a sight of the accelerating approaching enemy
With faith to their country and pride of their duty
They cling onto a gas bomb that will explode emotionless
Death is only a horrendous number that will only cause them stress

As they watched their friends whisper goodbye
They felt the sun glowing against their lively skin
Courage is all for nothing if we do not win
It is true we have loved but now we practice hate
We can’t be caught weak or we will not be able to further on speak

In No Man's land I took my stand
In a trench I felt some bullets pierce right through my heart
And left me there on the battlefield with a few prayers
As I closed my eyes I felt my body grow apart
From this world of disgusting hate that we have learnt far too late

What will our children say
Of the nightmares we had faced those days
Endless nights starving and injured with no help to tame
As we burned right through our skin from the flames
Those days that we reminisce through our poems and songs

My boot and foot, along with arms
Were left out there in the mud and caused me harm
Which made me cry outloud

When I realized my best friend’s clothes were soaked with blood

My strength was all but gone as I prayed for the good man’s name

It was my last time on that battlefield
And no more will I want to bear
The dread of a brutal war
No place on earth should be

As heartbreaking and awful as thou

And as I look back on my memories
When we were in a youthful age
Not thinking that this day would come
For me to have a beautiful wife
But today after fifty long years
I am blessed with a faithful wife
and children as bright as the angels above
To guide me as I am crippled and blinded

Oh please my children, Don’t repeat this mistake of mine

For if you do what will awake you to realize this war was but of shattering lives

Through A Poem's Voice These Soldiers Speak is a poem that I wrote for a history summative assignment. I had to think of the feelings and experiences that these soldiers went through in WWI. It was not easy for me to summarize what a nightmare they’ve been through because it is quite impossible to relate anything to a scenario of my life. I looked through pictures on Google and saw the terrorized faces and dead people that became dummies. I saw the trenches that were horrible and discomforting. I also saw the diseases some of these men got, trench feet and lice. I even became frightened to see how many large varmints there were because of all the dead bodies they had as food. As I looked at these pictures and read some online poetry from people who survived the war I became inspired to write this poem. In this poem I used many different points of views of a soldier’s words in a poetic voice. It’s meant to give the readers a visual image of what these men went through, and make them realize what a horrible mistake this war was, as well as how many precious lives were lost due to savagery.

I saw you with your hands in your pants
You didn’t know where life would go
You just sought out the best in the world
You were crazy and young

Now you’re older and wiser too
You’re falling down even more
What happened to the joy?
Wherever did the smiles descend?

I’m here awaiting at an old corner
Maybe your old soul
That’s now gone and never coming back
To the smiles you had
The sunshine in the sky that shined
Now were only friends
You are gone forever

I wanted you to love me
You didn’t understand
That I wanted to be your man
Till forever became young

Now I saw you again
I couldn’t hold my heart
From jumping inside
Like a child wanting more
I crave you
Like a desert craves
All the water
That it can have

I want every part
Of your beautifulness
I never wanted you to go forever
I wannna bless because you saw the bset
In everything you touched
Baby I wont ever forget

The author's comments:
I wrote this thinking of world war 1

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