I come from

June 4, 2008
By Jessica Ivey, Akron, OH

I come from the calm winds of the south, from smooth waters and blue skies.
From bad parenting and free will, from do what ever to never leave.
I come from a house of 5 to a house of 9.
A world that revolved around Arthur and Captain Planted and nap time to a world that is all about homework and time schedules.
I come from juicy juice to coffee, and 9 o’clock bedtime to when ever I can.
From belts and smacks to groundings. From stealing and lying to learning right from wrong.
I come from getting what I want to earning what I have.
I come from bad to good, and hate to tough love.
From Miss Mary Mac to truth or dare.
From dress up to dress down, and Cinderella to reality.
I come from innocence to soiled.
Slumber parties and sleep overs to all nighters with books.
Wearing mom’s high heels and jewelry and never having to worry about loosing it because she was there to keep them safe.
From jumping on the bed and never hitting my head.
I come from a world all my own that was protected and sheltered to a world fully exposed different.
I come from the harsh realities of life.

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