The Perfect Girl

June 5, 2008
By Brian Mungle, Winston Salem, NC

I see so many girls in the day,
i think to my self which one is the right way,
It seems like a hard decision to make, but this is someting i can shake,
because i know what i am looking for, someone who can love me more,
But who ever i ask isn't the right one for me, to find the right one i'll just have to wait and see,
The next day i think i am close,
but i just can't figure out who i need the most,
Then you appear from the corner of my eye,
the perfect girl looking for the pefect guy,
As i wonder what to say,
you come up to me and say "hey",
You have left me mystified,
and then i say "hi",
As we continue with our conversation i struggle to make a decision of whether to ask you out, or keep looking roundabout,
So i say to you one day "will you go out with me?"
then to my surprise you say yes and i say alright,
So here we are still together a happy girl and one lucky guy!

(I love you Amanda!)

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