Still Here

November 30, 2010
By HeyDawlinn BRONZE, Nashua, New Hampshire
HeyDawlinn BRONZE, Nashua, New Hampshire
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Favorite Quote:
'They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world; Someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.' - Tom Bodett

Palms are sweaty
are yours too?
I don't know what to say
Neither do you

Hours have passed
We're still sitting here
I don't know if you know,
But I still love you dear.

The silence is making it awkward
I would love to confess,
but what would happen after?
I don't want to be caught up in a mess

You break the silence
with the sound of your voice
I'd love for you to love me
but its your choice

But just go on I'll go along
with whatever you're saying
Its not suppose to be this way
Not having anything to say

I'm leaving now, I must go.
I will be missing you
I told you I love you,
but that is something you could never do

Is there still anything you'd like to say?
I told you I love you, certainly you don't feel that way.

You told me it'd be better to be friends
I thought about it to, you're here to the end.
That is enough for me to make me smile
I'll just try my best to get you to love me, even if it takes awhile.

The author's comments:
I'd just like people to relate to it. I'm sure others felt this way about someone and knew that they weren't given the same feeling back though I kept trying and trying until I was hopeless. Though, I can say that those who felt this way, its their lost. This was also the whole process running through my head the time it was taking place and still something that was on my mind. So I thought I should just write it down into poetry format.

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