Last Forever

June 5, 2008
Always with each other
Spending all time together,
I hope this will last
Forever and ever

First time I saw you,
You took my breath away
Even if you caught me staring
I couldn’t look the other way

You came up to me
Asking my name,
I mumbled the words
Yet I asked you the same

We kept on talking
For the longest time,
You made me laugh
Saying being together would be a crime

You said that because
Together we were perfect and
Staying together
Is where we would stand

We talked all night
And we talked all day
Saying that neither of us
Would ever go away

Then one day,
When you felt it was right,
You asked me out
Being so polite

I said yes in a hurry
And this made me so glad
Nothing in the world
Could get me mad

Now when we aren’t busy
We spend our time together
Hoping that this
Will last forever

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