June 5, 2008
By Maranda Huffman, Huftchinson, KS

Love comes and love goes
But once you find true love
It stays with you all your life.

You've always had family,
You've always had friends,
They all love you
Care for you.

But it's not the love you crave
The love you wouldn't alowe yourself
to feel.

For the people you've loved and trusted
All said the same thing.

I will always love you
I will never hurt you.

I will Protect you.

The tore down the wall you built.
They made you love them,
Trust them,
Care for them.

Then they broke your heart and failed your trust.
They stabbed you in the back when you lest expected it.

They hurt you.
They made you numb.
The made you scared to love again.
To trust again.
To care again.
To try again.

Each time you thought you could love.
Each time you thought you could trust.
Each time you thought you could care.

You always got hurt.

But you were never really trying,
You were always pretending,
Tricking yourself into beliving
You could
You could
You could
You could

When deep down you knew you were never really trying.
Never caring enoughe to.
Never being brave enoughe to.

Love comes and love goes
But once you find it
It will stay with you forever

All your life you've craved
A love.

A love you've never had
Couldn't have,
Wouldn't have,
Wanted to have but never reaching far enoughe for it.

You relize now
You never tried
Never found anyone you wanted to try to find it with.
Never found anyone you could work it out with.

You were to scared to try
Scared of being hurt
Scared it might not work out.
Scared your heart and trust would be broken again.

But now you've found someone
Your willing to try it with
Your willing to risk being hurt
Your willing to trust
Your willing to care
Your willing to try to love.

You found someone
Who likes you for youself
Not how you look
For what you have.

Who knows how you feel
Who is willing to help you.

You found someone you think
You can care for
You can trust
You can love

Someone you can work through anything with.

Love comes and love goes
But once you find true love
It will stay with you for ever and ever.

You learn to to
You learn to
You learn to care.
You learn to

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