June 5, 2008
By Chloe Abrams, Hubbard, OR

When I see you it is like looking into a mirror.
I know you are always there for me as I am for you.
I know I can tell you any thing and it will stay safe,
just as you can tell me any thing and it will remain safe!
I know I can always count on you and trust you, just as
you can always count on me and trust me!
Both of us enjoy listening to music and dancing.
We both like being out side in the warm sun and cool breeze.
We both love camping and roasting gooey golden brown marshmallows,
and making chocolaty s’mores.
Both of us enjoy staying up late and watching movies,
with a warm bag of pop corn.

You and I enjoy eating food.
You and I enjoy cooking.
We both love to change recipes to our liking.
We both enjoy the company of true friends for a meal.

We both do our best to keep peace.
We both do our best to treat others as we would like to be treated.
Both of us try not to leave any one out.
Both of us strive to be the best we can possibly be.

We both know we will always have each other to turn to for help or advice.
Both of us know we will always have at least have each other.
Both of us know how great it is to have some one to tell all our problems to.
We both know how to help a friend in need of comfort.

We both know what it is like when you can’t change something you regret.
We both know how to work hard.
We both do our best to set our priorities straight.
Most important of all we both know what it truly means to be a true friend.
Both of us know we will be friends forever and ever, even all of eternity.

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