The Woods

June 5, 2008
By Spencer Keeton, Hubbard, OR

Woods are amazing,
Fantastic feats of nature,
Trees swaying and bending,
Among the pines and firs.

Walking between the trees,
Where no other has been,
Forging your own trail,

Peaceful, quiet.

The birds are calling,
The sounds of nature,
The sounds of the earth,
Fill the body and soul.

The crunching of leaves,
The trickle of a stream,
Curving like a long slender snake,
Glinting with the sun.

The smell of fresh dew,
Of fresh pine needles,
So beautiful.

The forests are natural treasures,
Left untouched by civilization,
Found in the hands of dreamers,
It becomes whatever you want it to be.

We must preserve these treasures,
And keep them alive,
For the future of the world,
And the earth we must preserve.

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