Curls and Dolls

June 5, 2008
Childhood is forgotten misty birthdays and Barbie dolls
Visions of innocence and smiles
Before her world comes crashing and falls
When she could run on empty for miles

I still remember her soft blonde curls her careless nature
Piercing blue eyes flashing the scenery she’s seen
The pony-less journey of always wishing for more
But never knowing what greedy means

Her face pressed up against the glass
Eyes wide in wonder
Remembering everything as it goes to pass
Not knowing its people drowning under

Capture the flag with the neighborhood kids
Spoonfuls of ice cream from Mr. Softy all left behind
Everything that she ever did
It all would eventually unwind

Childhood is the fleeting glimpse of happiness
When all is pure and all is fair
Before she becomes the pessimist
When there’s nothing to repair

Ignorance carries her high above
Never understanding, never knowing
All that it ever was, was love
Although it was never showing

Until the day she can sympathize
Until the day she understands all of these years
She won’t need you to apologize
She won’t need your empty tears

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