You Drive Me Crazy!

June 5, 2008
By Christine Cha, Hubbard, OR

Shouting is heard all over the house,
Brothers and sisters screaming, “It’s mine, No it’s mine!”
Parents getting irritated by the noise
But what can I say, we’re siblings.

Dividing their rooms
This half is mine and this half is yours.
Tattling on your siblings for doing something wrong,
Being proud of what you have done.
Fighting, having arguments about the craziest things,
But what can I say, we’re siblings.

At the end of the day
No more hollering or bothering
Just sitting around having nothing to argue about,
No more flicking or bickering,
Just calm until there is a fuss
Oh now you must, start all over, shush!
But what can I say, we’re siblings.

Now that we are finally done
There is no more screaming
Nor tattling,
Nor hollering,
Nor crying,
Because it’s time to go to bed
But then instead you begin all over,
Oh boy my head!

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