Childhood Is

June 5, 2008
Childhood is a time of fun and joy,
I never liked the color pink because I was a boy.
Anyone who liked to play was a friend of mine,
We would hang out until our parents called us home to dine.

I remember those summer nights and winter mornings,
They went by so quick without any warnings.
Games, toys, and fun food was to be had,
We as children never felt terribly bad or mad.

Warheads, wiffleball, and winter were my favorite things,
I would enjoy them no matter what the weather would bring.
Pony-less Nerf guns and Eat-At-Ralph’s lair,
Our imaginations as children were as crazy as an electric chair.

Childhood provided me with a fantastically fun filled daily routine,
I always hated it when I was called in to clean.
Nightmares and bed scares would sometimes come about,
The worst was when I felt like I was falling forever yet could not shout.

Childhood flew by like a pack speeding race cars,
All I have to remember it by is a couple small scars.
I enjoyed summer leprechauns and misty basketball,
My mind ran free when I was young and small.

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