June 5, 2008
By Courtney Johnson, North Syracuse, NY

No one know's the pain I feel,

I don't think it will ever heal.

Your never here to listen to me,

all my cries and all my pleas.
I try and I try, but it gets too hard,
my heart feels like it's been scarred. All the screaming and all the yelling I just can't take it,
all my smiles and my laughter I try
soo hard to fake it.
I pretend I'm happy, but that's a lie,
all this just makes me cry.
No one shows that they even care,
it makes me wanna rip out all my hair.

I have no one to turn to,
so that's when I go to you.
Your the THING that makes me feel good,
when it's family that REALLY should.
I wonder if anyone else feels the same,
Do you all think this is just a game!?
I always ask over and over, why?
But I never seem to get a reply.
I tell myself I'd be better dead,

as I lye here on my bed.
I'm soo sick of feeling this way,
it gets harder and harder everyday.
I cry myself to sleep at night,

trying to ignore the fight.

I cover my ears and my head,
wishing to God that I was dead.
I wish there was someone I could go to,

Just anyone except YOU.

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