A Novel LIfe

December 4, 2010
My mind wouldn't work that night,
I don't even remember who started the fight.
I didn't even realize I was holding a gun,
but you did because you were too scared to run.
I closed my eyes and pulled the trigger tight,
I only remember a deafening bang, ringing through the night.

I sit in my cell, alone and cold,
I think of how you'll never grow old.
Your friends and family cry because they now live in hell,
you don't know how much I wish I could die aswell.

I hear my sentence, life in this dark desolate place,
I close my eyes and my heart begins to race.
Life in this place.
I'll never see your face.
I won't lie,
I'd rather die...

I open my eyes and catch my breath,
I feel like I just had a brush with death.
I close the book that depicts more than the usual tale of glory,
I can't belive where I have gone today through this story.

You walk through the door and smile at me,
I let the breath I held go free.
I leave the book on the shelf and take your hand,
It is your strength and warmth that helps me stand.

I realized today a story can take you through someone else's life, wether it be joyous or hell,
I wonder if someone is reading about my storybook life aswell.

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