Magical Night

June 5, 2008
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I look up into the starry night,
The full moon so bright.
I dream into a world of the unknown,
Where I never feel alone.

The cool grass feels smooth on my feet,
It's so quiet I can hear my heart beat.
The only thing around me,
Is the magical world I see.

What I see is the amazing sight,
Of the creation of night.
I breathe in the sweet smell,
The secret smell I will never tell.

Because this place is just for me,
Where I can be whoever I want to be.
Only I can see the unmaginable,
Only I will be able.

My hair moves to the rhythm of the breeze,
And I scrunch up my chest to my knees.
I close my eyes,
An try to forget everyone's lies.

I push away my lonely days,
And all it's ways.
Because the only place I want to be,
Is in this magical world around me.

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