The Pianist

December 2, 2010
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The pianist
Sits in a dark room
Dust coating the floor in a sea of dirt
Shadows sprinting across the dirt

The floor creaks as she shifts
Her weight to the end of the antique
The darkness swallows her whole
Night growing like weeds

The soft symphony greets the eerie silence
Like an old friend
And they dance together in a melody
Too sweet to fully taste in ears

The pianist stops her lovely tune
And turns to greet the mirror on the wall
In front of her
Golden frames create a splatter of life on the dead walls

She watches curiously as her reflection mimics her movements
Her face rounds out evenly dissolving into the cold glass
Her body disappears into the shadows
She accepts them with silent delight

The mirror
Sits in a dark room
Forever watching the ancient piano
Gather dust

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