Imposing Dawn

February 13, 2008
By Tyler Gayheart, Mousie, KY

Complete darkness shadows the world,
No one knows what lies about.
Blackness safe and warm,
A perpetual lie.

Night, a veil for all
Those that seek its shelter.
Naively rejoice the midnight
Hours pleasures and sanctum

Twilight reaches its peak,
We continue to live the lie.
But all is not well
In this incognito Eden of ours.

A ray of light shatters
The black and reveals all.
Us who hide and lived the lie,
Now we are shown to the world.

With blackness gone and truth prevailing
Our souls quiver in fear of us being known
As what we truly are.
Now we can’t even lie to ourselves.

No one can hide from the light,
No one can hide from the truth.
The Dawn destroys nightly fantasies,
Time to face yourself.

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