dream, fairytale, wish, and imagination

November 22, 2010
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If a dream is just a fairytale, and a wish is just something you wish you had, or got, or could do, then what is imagination for? Because when you dream, and wish, they are a kind of image you are imagining. So are we just supposed to not dream, or wish, or imagine anything? I have heard many times that imagination is more important than knowledge. I think that in a way it is, but also in another way it isn’t. What do you think? If we had only knowledge do you think we could live? Or would we learn how to imagine, but could we absolutely be sure that we would have the knowledge to do so? I for one rather have an imagination, then knowledge, but then would we learn from imagination to know knowledge? I guess we could imagine ourselves being smart, and intelligent, but again could we be positive we would gain knowledge? So, finally we are brought again to which one would you pick. Now that I have thought over this question, I think that we need both...how about you?

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