You're Nothing To Me

November 22, 2010
I laugh instead of crying
I don't cry anymore
For you have stolen my tears away
You have made me cold
I hate you
You are nothing to me
You mean nothing to me anymore
I'd wish for another
So I'd never met you
But wishes just don't come true
Dreams are fake
You are fake
You are nothing to me
I was never happy
Always angry
And you've made me this way
As if I left
If I'd make it another day
You will lose me forever
You'll never see me again
You're nothing to me
You will never hear from me again
I'll never return your calls
I hate you
You've ruined it all
You're good at making me feel blue
You're the last person in the world that I would ever think of again
Even through everything
Our long nights,
Short fights,
The love we shared,
Everything, means nothing to me anymore
You made me hate you
You made me believe lies
You broke every promise
I never broke one
Well, here's one more I promise to never break,
I hate you and I promise that will never change

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