November 7, 2007
By Nariah Taylor, Indianapolis, IN

What was supposed to be all good in the hood turned to be bad
The relationship was like a brand new whip I wish I still had
Once this agony, pain, and hurt is all lost in the dirt I will be glad
But until then my feelings are all in a big mess
But all I can say is "I guess"

Sometimes I have nightmares all through the night
Most of the time I just want the images out of my sight
I miss you and love you oh so much Jess
But all I can say is "I guess"

When I think about what happened it really is a scary thought
That I've Already in the past beat and fought
Our love is a feeling I wish I could of bought
But that's one more problem that I must confess
But all I can say is "I guess"

With all my heart I wish you weren't dead
But when you died my heart broke like a thin piece of lead
Did you hear when I talked to you in your death bed?
My love for you has always been more than less
But all I can say is "I guess"

This poem isn't to take away the sorrow
It won't heal the pain for tommorw
But if someone had a time machine I could borrow
I would take it nonetheless
But all I can say is "I guess"

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