November 29, 2010
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There was no country road before this.
Only long stretches of highway and speed.
No stoplights, no break.
Slow it down before I wake, before I agree.
There's a lot more at stake than you can see,
so just let your foot off the gas
before we start going too fast.
You don't need to stomp on the brake,
I just don't want to crash, please no broken glass.
I just want to get off at the nearest exit
because I want to find that country road
so we can relax and take it slow,
so there is no pressure to pass go,
so we can enjoy this.
So nothing goes wrong,
so I don't make a mistake
and take back what I've wanted for so long.
I don't want regret, I don't want to be upset
by something that I've chosen.
Put your blinker on and get off here.
We're so near, don't change your mind.
Take it slow, we both want to be survivors.
I'm tired off being shotgun,
let me be the driver.

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