November 29, 2010
She walked down the grassy path, leading her to the bellowing ocean; the red and orange of fluttering of leafs surrounding her. Looking down, swarms of dead leafs, and faded colors encompassed her. Picking one up, she realizes what a short life, each one had; each leaf represented a person. The deceased lying everywhere. The aftermath of a devastating war. The leafs spend their time making the tree look beautiful, letting us live. Just like a war, soldiers helping us live; saving us. Thoughts crawl around in her mind, from one corner to another, thinking about the scattered leafs, and their pathetically short lives. She thinks about how much more she appreciates her life, considering what it would be like to be the leaf.

Finishing her walk, she sits down on the ledges of stone, overlooking the beautiful, fall ocean; a boy she knows sitting beside her. The boy is her polar opposite; he is rich, she is poor.  He is popular, she is an “outcast.” They talk about their differences, they understand them. Although they are so different, they love people for who they are, disregarding the stereotypes; being real. He loves her. She walks away, thinking that she’s not what he needs. She wasn’t the beautiful girls he normally hung out with. How she isn’t the same as the others he’d had before. “But that’s what I love about you. I love that you’re different.”

She knew that one day this boy would find the girl of his dreams and it was simple not her, because she thought their difference were vastly different. That evening, the girl lays in the grass, feeling the moist land soak into her clothes; thinking. She has to let him go, I need life to be simple, I’m not for him. She lies there, looking to the fading sun, the blue starting to envelop all, thinking, “I have to.”

The next day she tells the boy they simple cannot be friends because it was just to complicated to explain. Maybe in the future things can change. Things just can’t work now. He was so confused. He thought she ended for a reason, much different than she had. She ended their friendship so he could see life differently; find the right one, for him to be happy. She knew, although he didn’t, that she wouldn’t lead him to that happiness.
Things doesn’t make sense. People leave you. You get hurt. That’s life. You have to find a path; your path. It’s unique. Leaves may fall in the way, maybe you’ll trip, but you can get through it.

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