A Reason For Everything

November 22, 2010
By Lauren04 BRONZE, Marion, Ohio
Lauren04 BRONZE, Marion, Ohio
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everything has a purpose
and a reason why
what that is i don't know
sometimes you have to figure it out on your own
on your journey to figure it out:
don't remember the things you did but the people
you loved
never quit because it's too hard
and never grow up even when you're one hundred

and five
love until your heart stops beating
and never say goodbye
be a legend and not a hero
and don't worry about what comes next
laugh until you cry
most importantly love yourself until you die
don't be afraid of failure
cause i can guarantee you'll fall more than you'll fly
go as far as you need to come back home to your mommy
and realize
that everything has a purpose
the reason why?
no one may ever know until they die

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