Welcome to the Forbidden Show

November 21, 2010
By VictoriaH. PLATINUM, Henderson, Nevada
VictoriaH. PLATINUM, Henderson, Nevada
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the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return - Moulin Rouge

we accept the love we think we deserve - the perks of being a wallflower

Pull back the curtain,
Pull back the veil,
Have a look inside my tortured mind.
As sick animalistic instinct eats up the horror;
Feast on the pain,
Fill your never-ending stomach with my nightmares.
Dreams gone wrong,
It's a carnival of sins.
Monsters that should have never been thought of,
born in the dark hidden chambers of my soul.
Black smokey fog,
Alive with hate.
Evil spilling of the stage,
Pointed teeth,
Crazed eyes.
A drunken dance filled with howls of insanity,
And laughter laced with poison.
A red as blood, and black as death blur,
It's a carnival of non-delights hypnotizing you.
Can't tear your eyes away,
It's a forbidden show and you can no longer leave.

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