November 18, 2010
By Anonymous

The kiss made the goat
come back to sing.
The bright soft wild dog tamed the
fear of thesecrazy dogs.
When they loved it made the
blind whisper.
Soft, wild, tame, and bright goats
love to shine in love.
We lived to love and kiss to love.
Wispering makes dogs soft to
their fear of beliefs.
When we shine the goats sing.
Belief is bright just like
wild dogs.
Kiss the blind and they will sing for more.
Tame the soft goats or they
will sing their love for you.
Fear the dog or taste the love
of their foot.
Shine and live for the wide.
Goats go blind when dogs sing.
don't let gods take your sight and make you blind.
Time these soft wild dogs before
make them love.
When you kiss the dog they whisper good bye.

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