"One Way I Can Change the World."

November 1, 2007
One way I can change the world

I can stand up for all the boys and girls

I can express my views

And share my ideas, I have nothing to lose

I can help the children who are starving and alone

A helping hand is what I can loan

I can protest against things that are not right

Even if I am small, I can shed a small light

I can help my neighbor who is in need

I am not a follower, instead I will lead

I can write a book; I can star in a play

I can be someone’s hero everyday

I can be a teacher and teach the young ones

I can show them the path they need to live on

I can be a president, I can show my country the way

I can change the world with what I say

I can be an activist, I can clean our world

I can get involved, I can be that girl

I can learn from my dreams

This is simple, so what it seems.

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toiya_chic said...
Aug. 30, 2008 at 9:20 pm
that was so good. great might even be the word.
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