January 12th, 2009

November 29, 2010
By Anonymous

Just a normal girl,
living a normal life.
No one expected to find
that she was filled with pain and strife.

No one seems to realize
what's hidden behind the door.
No one notices
that she's disappearing more and more.

When she steps from behind that door,
no one can see that a tear has fallen from her eye.
She hides behind that fake face,
learning to tell a lie.

No one would understand,
no one could know her pain.
She thinks she's all alone,
like no one has been there.

When she looks in the mirror,
she doesn't see a beautiful girl.
She sees ugliness,
she sees what the world makes her see.

She loses herself a little more each day,
just as she sees the pounds drop each day.
She's weak,
she can't think.

She slowly becomes a zombie,
and doesn't know who she is anymore.
She loses her faith,
in beauty and life.

She's not the only one out there,
struggling with life.
Our world is courrupt,
leaving our youth clinging to any hope they have.

So what can we do?
How can we stop giving people false expectations of what our bodies look like?

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