The Wind Blows ( She goes)

November 20, 2010

Where ever the wind blows,
She goes,
Even if she knows,
That her parents would say no,
And she's scared half to death,
And nervous,
From head to toe.
She feels like the wind blows the light to the right.
And the bulb to the south.
And she's knows that not correct.
But she doesn't know how to pick the right size,
Or plug it up.
So she goes,
Where ever the wind blows.
And if she gets caught by the rain,
She's staring out of her window feeling pain,
But should be lucky that it did storm,
Because her punishment could be worse.
If she continues to go,
Where ever the wind blows,
She'll find her self laying in the middle of a Windy City.

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