You Made My People Die

November 20, 2010
I offer them My hand,
As a man,
As a friend
That understands,
There goals,
And there plans,
That they can't succeed.
At least that's what the world believes,
With no money for a degree,
This world won't give them what they need,
We have the money to make them breathe,
And feed,
Their seeds.
So why don't we,
I Don't Know,
It puzzles me,
Their struggling,
Don't we.
That if that was me,
I would want all I need.
So I offer them my heart,
And my soul,
And I was told.
No, pe-ple die.

I told him that it's not me,
You got to believe,
I care,
For every human being,
I will.. pe-ple die.

And he said it with so much emotion,
And focused,
On the point,
That we weren't the same,
And I will never say that we are,
I never felt that much pain.
I looked him in his eyes,
And saw all the years,
And tears,
And fears,
Of his ancestors,
Bless her,
Her being the human being that left her,
But she didn't have no choice,
And his voice,
Was filled,
With lovely memories that was killed,
And sent him chills,
Playing in the fields,
Use to thrill,
Now he was looking at his family,
Laying in the fields.
With no breaths,
So he had nothing left,
But death in his eyes,
I Realized,
That the only thing he felt was that,
I made his people die,
So he lies,
On the ground,
With no sounds,
But he,
Continues to reply,
MY pe-ple die.

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