My Daughter

October 22, 2007
By Stephanie Masur, Cincinnati, OH

My daughter you have seen the cold,
Watched your mother fade away
You have watched me suffer for many years,
And today will be the day.
As I lay in this bed thinking of you and the memories we have shared,
You seem to remember the most,
The day I lost my hair.
My daughter I have given all my love to you
So you can grow strong.
Earth is not the place for me,
Heaven in where I belong.
Oh how I will miss you but will be watching you from above,
I shall be at peace like a glistening, precious, white dove.
My daughter do not cry for me
I only wish for you the world,
Seventeen seems old to you
But you’re still my little girl
As I wait to go, I see you come into the room.
You shut the door, lay next to me,
And cry at the smell of my old distinct perfume.
You hold me close gently saying,
“Thank you mom for all you have done”
I squeeze your hand tightly, but yet I do not respond.
I think to myself, Look at what she has become.
My daughter I have realized now that I many go rest in eternal bliss in a place that is true,
As tears roll down your face, whispering, “Mom I love you.”

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